We thank you for your contributions this year and remind you to make or renew your financial support for our parish by filling out your pledge form which is linked on the right.

There Are Three Pledges:

1. ANNUAL PLEDGE: This money is what supports the parish’s day-to-day expenses and helps us to achieve our budget. Without these funds the parish cannot function properly. We hope and pray that you fulfill your financial commitment(s) towards your parish. If you miss a Sunday, you can always bring your pledge up-to-date the following Sunday or you can even mail your pledge to the Church address. (Do Not Send Cash By Mail). We have a budget that we have to meet, but we cannot do it without your financial commitment. Just to give you an idea, the average pledge in our Parish needs to be $1,200 per year per pledging unit ($3.29 a day).

2. BUILDING FUND: This fund is for building a New Church. Please do not forget to pledge toward this very essential fund. It is the backbone of our New Church Project.

3. ARCHDIOCESE ASSESSMENT: The General Assembly that was held during the 2005 Archdiocese Convention in Detroit voted that the Archdiocese adopts a new system called “Proportional Giving”. The meaning of the “Proportional Giving” is that as of the year 2008 each parish of the Archdiocese MUST contribute 10% of its annual operating budget. Part of this budget is the annual contribution each and every one of us pays to the Archdiocese through his/her parish, formerly called “Archdiocese Assessment.” In order for our Parish to pay the Archdiocese the 10% this year, each pledging unit is obligated to pay $70 for the year 2009, regardless of age, in addition to his/her weekly/monthly/annual pledge(s) to the Parish.

Our Parish DOES NOT receive any financial support from anyone other than you, beloved Parishioners. Therefore, we urge, recommend and encourage all the working beloved who are 18 years of age and older to start / continue contributing and pledging.