Commemoration of Fr. Kyril

On June 24, the Feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, and the birthday of Fr. Kyril Johnson, Fr. Edward and members of the parish council visited Fr. Kyril’s gravesite in Ipswich in order to offer memorial prayers. A video is available here on our YouTube channel. The council in 1947, following the death of Fr. Johnson, committed themselves and future councils to commemorating him each year. The minutes from August 25, 1947, state:
“Be it noted that the Rt. Rev. Kyril A.W. Johnson, pastor of St. George’s Orthodox Church of Lawrence, died August 7, 1947, in the service of God. He died with a prayer on his lips, a prayer for the welfare and spiritual safety of his flock. Therefore, be it resolved that this board, and any other board to follow, shall strive to keep his memory bright, and shall remember him each Memorial Day by placing flowers on his grave.”