Annual Meeting Technology Updates

Annual Meeting 2017
Technology Updates

During the past two years, the technology subcommittee of the Parish Council has made significant upgrades that affect our parishioners both directly and indirectly. Notably the following changes were enacted:

  • The website has been rebuilt to match current standards, allowing for announcements to feed into the parish Facebook page and Twitter feed
  • The parish has been able to live stream Liturgy and other services and then archive those videos on YouTube
  • Weekly bulletins and monthly calendars continue to be made available online
  • Parishioners have been able to make credit card donations onsite via a card reader

The Council continues to review the usefulness of the website and how best to handle credit card transactions, both onsite and online. To that end, during the past Summer and Fall the committee further upgraded the parish website to enable the following features:

Next steps are to upgrade the sound system to correct audio issues with live streaming of services, and to continue to explore how the website and other tools can serve parishioners as well as those interested in the Orthodox faith.